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Characteristics Description
Domain name may contain latin letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), hyphens («-»)
Domain name length from 1 to 63 symbols
«-» a domain name can not begin or end with a hyphen or contain two hyphens (on the third and fourth positions)
IDN no
The term of registration 1-2 years
Auth-code yes (up to 80 symbols)
Contacts registrant, admin и tech
Nic-handle CUNIC
Supported interfaces EPP, SMTP, Light EPP client
Policy + UAEPP
Registry Hostmaster Ltd.
WHOIS server
WHOIS regulations

.UA is the official country code Top Level Domain of Ukraine.


A .UA domain name may be registered only on the basis of certificate of trademark registration registered in the territory of Ukraine, or if the trademark was registered in another state with territorial expansion to Ukraine under the Madrid Agreement.

According to the rules of the .UA domain zone, domain name must fully reproduce the verbal designation of a trademark.

Who can become a registrant

Information in the registrant contact of the domain name must fully duplicate information about the trademark owner or the owner of the license agreement for the relevant trademark.

To perform operations with the .UA domain, the DRS uses CUNIC contacts.

Checking of a domain name

To check, whether the selected .UA domain is free, perform the EPP <domain:check> command.

Moreover, any Internet user can check whether the .UA domain name that interests him is taken, using the whois-server registry, the registry’s official website or

Registering of a domain name

A .UA domain name can be registered in one of the following ways:

1. Via EPP-interface by typing <domain:create>.

Example <create> command for the second level domain in the zone .UA:

        <domain:create xmlns:domain="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:domain-1.0" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:domain-1.0 domain-1.0.xsd">
            <domain:period unit="y">1</domain:period>
            <domain:contact type="admin">***-cunic</domain:contact>
            <domain:contact type="tech">***-cunic</domain:contact>
        <drs:create xmlns:drs="" xsi:schemaLocation=" drs-1.0.xsd">

2. Making an ADD application via SMTP.

In the application should be the trademark certificate number in the license field.

Domain names, unavailable for registration

The www domain name in a public domain which shall be reserved for the administrator of this public domain; it has to be pointed to the website where the policy of this public domain and the list of registrars registering domain names in this domain are published.

Renewing of a domain name

One can renew a .UA domain name no earlier than one year before its expiration. The renewal can be performed in one of three ways:

  1. Via the EPP-interface by typing <domain:renew>.
  2. Making a RENEW application via SMTP.
  3. Via the Light EPP client software by using renew:domain.

Renewing of a .UA domain name can be performed only if:

  • the request for the renewal in made by the registrar, which serves the domain name;
  • the period of the domain validity does not exceed maximum;
  • the domain does not have status that prohibits a renewal.

Updating a domain name

  • Changing of the administrative contact in .UA domain names is performed only when there is a complete set of documents, which satisfy established procedures and have been prepared and sent to Service Online LLC.
  • Changing the certificate number in the license field may be performed only upon presentation of additional documents. The details can be specified in the DRS support service:

Apply for a change in .UA domain names with one of these methods:

  1. Via the EPP-interface by typing <domain:update> this method also allows you to change the status of the domain).
  2. Making an UPDATE application via SMTP.

Changing the domain data is available if the domain does not have status, which prohibits changes.

Transfering of a domain name

A DRS registrar can initiate a transfer of domain name from another registrar by one of the following ways:

  1. Via EPP interface by typing <transfer> request .
  2. Making a TRANSFER application via SMTP.
  3. Via the Light EPP client software by using request function of transfer:domain operation.

The transfer procedure agrees with the UAEPP regulations.

Blocking of a domain name transfer

To prevent receiving applications for changing of a registrar and to prevent their random verification, a domain name lock can be used (by setting the appropriate status).

The locked status means that all applications for changing if the registrar for this domain name will be rejected.

The absence of lock means that the applications for changing of the registrar will be received and processed.